Laparoscopic lateral suspension with mesh for apical and anterior pelvic organ prolapse: A prospective double center study

2020 - Liliana Mereu, Saverio Tateo, Maurizio Nicola D’Alterio, Eleonora Russo, Andrea Giannini, Paolo Mannella, Riccardo Pertile, Tommaso Cai, Tommaso Simoncini

The present study analyzed long-term outcomes and complications of laparoscopic lateral suspension (LLS) with mesh to treat apical and anterior pelvic organ prolapse

A prospective cohort study on 125 patients with vaginal bulge and apical +/ anterior prolapse scheduled for LLS who consecutively underwent LLS between April 2013 and January 2017 in Gynecologic Department of Santa Chiara Hospital in Trento and University of Pisa.

Results: 120 patients were included in the study. At 2 years 89 % of patients were asymptomatic and anatomic success rate was 94.2 % for the anterior compartment, 94.9 % for the apical compartment