Veritas in Immediate Implant-based Breast Reconstruction Is Associated with Higher Complications Compared with TiLOOP BRA

2020 - Gaik Si Quah, James R. French, Annelise Cocco, Jeremy Hsu, Farid Meybodi, Elisabeth Elder

Background: Biologic and synthetic meshes are used in immediate implant-based breast reconstruction for coverage of the lower pole of the implant. This study aimed to compare outcomes of Veritas with TiLOOP bra 

Study results

Comparison of the Veritas group with the TiLOOP® Bra Group:
– Overall higher complication rate in the Veritas group: 54% vs. 14% of breasts

– Higher seroma rate/ non-integration in the Veritas group: 51.4% vs. 1.6% of breasts

– More implant rotations in the Veritas group: 16.2% vs. 1.1% of breasts

– Higher infection rate in the Veritas group: 18.9% vs. 2.1% of breasts

– More wound dehiscence in the Veritas group: 10.8% vs. 0.5% of breasts