Suturable mesh better resists early laparotomy failure in a cyclic ball‐burst model

2022 - Stephen J. Wallace, MD,* Lauren M. Mioton, MD,† Robert M. Havey, MS,‡ Muturi G. Muriuki, PhD,‡ Jason H. Ko, MD†

The small bites surgical technique supported by the STITCH trial has been touted as a strategy for preventing early laparotomy dehiscence through greater force distribution at the suture–tissue interface. However, this hernia prevention strat- egy requires an alteration in the standard closure technique that has not been widely adopted in the USA. This study seeks to determine whether incorporating a mid-weight polypropylene mesh material into a hollow-bore surgical suture material will effectively increase the force distribution at the suture–tissue interface and potentially help prevent early laparotomy dehiscence in an ex vivo model.